Fashion-studio DORIENDAVID is both a designstudio, workshop and shop as well as Dorien and David’s joint enterprise. The activities of DORIENDAVID include, designing clothes, making patterns and pilot models and turning out the design that have been picked out or having them turned out. The fashion-designs are displayed at DORIENDAVID’s fashion-studios in Rotterdam and at the site.

DORIENDAVID’s designs are exclusive and sold under their own name and label: ‘DORIENDAVID Couture’. Building up the collection are femenine comfortable clothes paramount, using traditional methods in their manufacture. DORIENDAVID seek beauty in simplicity, aesthetical definition and a proper usage of high-grade materials. The selection of colours is primarily not based on fashionable hues or prognoses but is rather a personal, creative elaboration of DORIENDAVID’s.

Stola metallic organza

The main features of the collection
DORIEN DAVID’s collection is distinguished by two main features:

– Party, gala and bridal dress
– Clothing for other special occasions

The entire collection is characterized by clothing designed for enterprising women, ladies and girls of all ages who like to be well dressed. The collection is destinctive though very comfortable at all times. Clothing made to measure is a speciality of fashion-studio DORIENDAVID (see chapter ‘Central role of the customer’).

The collection bridal, gala and party-dress
Brides who want to look different pay a visit to DORIENDAVID’s. The collection ranges from the subdued to the exuberant, fairy-like at times, then somewhat extravagant again. Romantic dresses jostle with highly swinging creations with surprising details. Fabrications of various luxury silks appeal to everybody. But other natural materials and blends with synthetic fabrics (and lycra) are not shunned.

Clothing for other special occasions
In addition to various models of short or long, wide or tight, dresses and matching jackets of the collection of gala and party-dress DORIENDAVID also design distinctive skirt-suits, skirts, trousers,/slacks, tops and jackets for other special occasions. Here too, creations with special materials are possible for women of all ages.

The definition of DORIENDAVID’s is always well considered and consistent. This results in them being perfect matches to each other, even including items from previous collections. The clothes are exciting and strikingly beautiful as a result of the distinctive DORIENDAVID definitions. Irrelevant frills are absent but unexpected details (sometimes even baroque) are used to good and scintillating effect.

The changing collection
All the year round the collection is replenished by new models and creations in new materials wich are shown on the website.Certain models stay some longer in the collection, being quite satisfactory and not having lost their beauty. These are the so called ‘DORIENDAVID’s classics’.

In former years DORIENDAVID had annual fashionshows with names like: ‘The Art of Fashion’, ‘The outskirts of Fashion’ or ‘The Enjoyment of Fashion’ (inspired on Brasilian food), from Dali to Gala” (inspired on Salvatore Dali and Gala), ‘No cheap thrills, no trendy tricks, no nothing…just Fashion’, ‘High fashion of the Lowlands’ and ‘Down to Earth made in Heaven’.

Custom-made clothes: a central role of the customer.
It is the customer essentially who makes a selection of the various models of the collection present in DORIENDAVID’s fashion-studio in various sizes, materials and colour-creations. If the creation desired is not available DORIENDAVID discusses with the customer the kind of material, the colour and adaptations if any, before the order is placed with the stipulation that these adaptations are technically and aesthetically all-right. DORIENDAVID are usually in position to provide the customer with a sample/swatch when the order is placed, which facilitates the choice of certain accessories or the choice of the partner’s clothing.

The execution of the order is DORIENDAVID’s major concern and every attention is given to detail. To see if everything is to the client’s satisfaction a cloth-fitting appointment is made right at the start. If customers expectations are met a date will be arrranged for final delivery.


The webshop



Scarves for men and women made from 100% silk or wool with/which carry the theme of  ‘Industrial and Urban Poetry ‘ For those who dare to combine their outfits with a scarf that displays images of, for example, iron wheels, harbour cranes, a detail of a classic Buick, or a fairground attraction, these scarves can be worn as a statement with conventional clothing, or so as to appear effortless.

Unique photos in the series, ‘ Industrial and Urban Poetry ‘ show you the unexpected beauty of what man has created. Beauty that is sometimes obvious but often appears in a certain light, an outline, or in the composition of detail. Together they form a poem. Each scarf has its own title, mostly a title of a song.

DORIENDAVID has designed and manufactured couture clothes for many years. The exclusive line of scarves shows their love of fashion, design and passion for photography and poetry come together.

The other accesoiries

All other accesoiries in the webshop are also designed and (mostly) handmade by DORIENDAVID.

Enquiries: Fashion-studio DORIENDAVID Email: and
Rotterdam: Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 92 3012 GV Phone: 00-31-10-4148878

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