Maria Magdalena, 1480 by Carlo Crivelli, Rijksmuseum A’dam, Scarf


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The ARTWORK Collection of scarves is a unique and personal choice of international works of art by Dorien and David. Resources are the international art museums with their public domain art. The selected works of art are from all times and all places.

 If possible and available we give information on the title of the artwork, the date, the creator and the museum. Original creator and title we print on the scarf.

David (DesignsOfDavid) takes care of the digital representation, based on the original version.

Some earlier scarves of David from the Collection ‘Industrial and Urban Poetry’ will be re-issued in the ARTWORK Collection. We start with a View on the Erasmus Bridge of  Rotterdam (blue or sepia)   (70% wool and 30% silk, 200 x 70 cm, € 95,- , DORIENDAVID) .


Carlo Crivelli (1430 – 1495) was an Italian Renaissance painter of conservative Late Gothic decorative sensibility, who spent his early years in the Veneto, where he absorbed influences from the Vivarini Squarcione, Mantegna. He left the Veneto by 1458 and spent most of the remainder of his career in the March of Ancona, where he developed a distinctive personal style that contrasts with that of his Venetian contemporary Giovanny Bellini.

Mary Magdalene, Carlo Crivelli,

tempera on panel. 

With Carlo Crivelli, the so-called ‘International Gothic’ style experienced its final flowering in Italy. This perfect preserved panel was painted towards the end of his career. It served as the altarpiece of a provincial church dedicated to Mary Magdsslene in the sparsely populated rural area if ythe Marches where Crivelli lived.


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